Musical Ghee

(A musical excerpt from the forthcoming screenplay.  The scene involves a recently-abandoned tourist stranded on the outskirts of Pinyang, a fictional Asian metropolis, as he’s musically ambushed from the shadows by a group of leprous expatriate grafters and cast-offs):

Here the moon is an overturned barrel of lard/

And you might lose your fingernails if you’re not on your guard

So to keep you from sinking, then here’s what we say:/

Just stay on your own path and from there never stray

(Grafter #1): I lick my own armpit at the sign of attraction/

The girls find it strange, but hey, it’s my passion

(Grafter #2) And I can’t stop crying when a dog defecates/

But can joyful tears make a mans second-rates?

(Grafter #3) For me it’s raw flesh on my tongue as it trembles/

Tearing it far off from what it prior resembled

ALL: It’s not a matter of what you are after/

Where one man’s corpse is another man’s laughter

Just stay true to yourself  and don’t be complicit/

To other’s plans for your life and for their place within it


Protagonist: That sounds great.  But what do gives YOUR life meaning, balding, eyeless man?

B.E.M: I force malnourished orphans to aid me in pickpocketing wealthy tourists in crowded marketplaces!

P: What about you YOU, scary-looking expatriate wielding festering wounds and a rusty shiv?

S.L.E.W.F.W.A.A.R.S:  I start bar fights that help facilitate the organ trade black market by making someone’s death seem an isolated and self-inflicted incident!

P: And YOU, deathly-skinny, toothless, smiling vagrant?

D.S.T.S.V: I quit my job in international commerce to travel the world, selling rice-paper flowers and playing music!

P: Oh.

ALL: Just stay true to yourself and don’t be complicit/

You are who you are and your life is exquisite/

You can be what you love and from others elicit/

Limitless joy and energy if you’ll permit it

For just a dash of confidence and a sprinkle of cunning/

Oh dear, I think there’s somebody coming.


~ by nearhelsinki on May 4, 2010.

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