Creatine Sparklehorse

So this is when I’m in Athens and I’m tired of old things.  When I find this small-yet-elegant “Insitut Francais a Athenes”, a cultural center that happened to be holding an exhibition of art inspired by Paris, I go in.  I find, in particular, one astounding cuadra (edit: “cuadro”, as, I guess, “cuadra” means horse stable?) by Eduardo Arroyo that blew my mind (wall art doesn’t normally blow my anything), and it compelled me to write, more or less, the first poetry of my life.  I wrote it on July 7, 2008, and if I could figure out how not to double-space this cursed thing, I would de-double-space.  I’d bid you to “enjoy” it, but I don’t know if that’s the right term to set you to it.  Anyway:



your veins twitch

with blood like highlight pen

sing around the track

Circle Circle Circle


smell poo-poo

smell plastic poo-poo

smell ether

circle some more, cow!

on the back of your jockey

play the phisarmonica

eat little belly jam

say hello to a rabbit

and afterwards we all

— you know the storee —

die of the cancer

no more page.

Then there’s this one:

Maggot Faggot

in the farting zone

Singing campfire songs

like Desi Arnaz

all castrated and novelty-like



Lucy hated you.


~ by nearhelsinki on February 22, 2010.

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