Throat, Seared Rare

I woke up in Christchurch this morning and I already had a sore throat.  Amazing.

It surprises me, too, that I’m in New Zealand, but I am.  Things are drifting away from me and scattering everywhere, at a pace I cannot match.  Things are silly and crazy and in the extremes, regarding temperature and tempers and otherwise.

A month, glorious and to be detailed later, spent with Jon + Doug, finished with us meandering back to a hostel in Brisbane, Doug tackling me to the sidewalk, me thereafter trying to fight him (I went so far as to head-butt him when the realization hit, wrestling with him, that he’s stronger than I).  It shouldn’t be, but it’s already a great memory.  Sorry if your head hurts, Signor Weissman.  I am happy to have your friendship.  Hi, Jon.

Now I’m headed down south to Dunedin, then to Queenstown, starting a hopefully-long streak of CouchSurfing through these islands.  Some folks invited me to go to a Queenstown Jazz Festival, and to go camping, with them, and I’m excited.  I excrete!

There are moments where I tire, where my new experiences traveling overlap with the old, where I wonder if I am outgrowing this lifestyle, but the fact is that I am seeing a constant renewal of beauty unfold before me with minimal effort and I have met and surpassed personal expectations a few times now, however unrealistic or impractical they may be.  I find myself in a pressure box, creative extremes tugging me in two different directions.  I have had so many different things to say, to share, to express, but I never have the time to allow them to come out.  I feel like I’ve been living full speed for such a long time, though concurrently I feel like I’ve been so devoid of so much — for example, I haven’t considered my own responsibilities in well over a year, and can’t look to the future at all, as I used to, so, all told, I have nothing to say, really.  Mostly, my throat just hurts.

The Dodgers, too, are hurting me.  Blah!!

Okay, that’s all for now.  More soon, and sorry for dropping off of the face of your planet for so long.  I will see you sometime soon, I promise.



~ by nearhelsinki on October 21, 2009.

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