Hi folks,

I’m here in grand ol’ Ayutthaya, the sparkle in your doggie’s eye, the fuzz in your sister’s navel, the spice in your Thanksgiving tea, ol’ Ayutthaya, with her ancient brick and greenery, her chocolate river and her free-flowing whiskey.  Here I continue to be, pounding tea by the bucketful, pounding tea in the face of an angry and powerful sun, pounding tea to the amusement of the sweat-wrenched locals, pounding tea to loosen up some of this little landlocked cold I carry with my like an anchor tangled in a ribcage.  Went to Kanchanaburi a few days ago to check out the River Kwai and the river hammocks, to bemoan the hundred thousand lives lost in the buiding of her bridge during WWII, to collect a few grains of solitude and solace (solace over some non-misfortune), but the damned anchor caught a piece of the Ayutthayan riverbank and dragged me right back.  If I’m better tonight, I’ll head up north for some mountain time, but frankly, it’s really nice to sit here and listen to the Synecdocheny, NY soundtrack (Jon Brion Jon Brion Jon Brion putting out his best work since I HEART HUCKABEES!), relaxing, writing, unwinding.  I should mention that I also have this week off of school, that this is why I’m in such a luxurious position of decision, as my school, perched in the tiny lowland town of Sena, is flooded indefinitely.  Crazy!

Anyway, what can I update us on?  Last weekend I went to Bangkok for a music festival, but I didn’t really see much in the way of music (try going to a car show with a small group of friends and you’ll see), though I did get this amazing, hypo-colored, handmade watch stitched of candycane red, Willy Wonka Orange, and Back to the Future Part II-scented face.  All this and more for just under $6! There was also Mywa Denki:

Beyond that, seeing the Bridge over the River Kwai was interesting…the history there is so sad, and the state of the bridge and the touristic clusterfuck surrounding it might be even worse.  Last night was the Loy Krathong Festival in Ayutthaya (and all over Thailand), a party of paper lanterns and candles/incense cast into the river, and of Eric trying to shoot off a bottle rocket from his bare hand, instead getting SHOWERED with fire and explosion (I am lucky that the only consequence was a little black residue all over my face!).

Well, I’m tired and a little unwell, so I’ll cut this one short for now, but my best wishes go out to you.  I’ll talk to you soon…please check out Synecdoche, New York for me, and go to Largo whenever you can!

PS I saw a movie called The Fall in Bangkok this weekend, and it was mindblowing. Check it out.

~ by nearhelsinki on November 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “PHLEGM!”

  1. I could only watch 6 seconds of that youtube video before i felt like vomiting. Thank you.

    Glad to hear you’re semi-well and relaxing on your week off. I’ll have to get the Synecdoche soundtrack soon. Its only playing at ONE theater in new york. Crazy, eh? Go. Get back to the curry that you have made your life.

  2. Hi, Sir.

    I’m not sure what the best way to contact you is and since I am about to pour out life-threatening and ultra top secret information, I figured a public internet forum would be the ideal arena for such a communication attempt. Kidding.

    I am glad to see your adventures are still treating you well and that all is seemingly right in the World of Eric. Me? I’m quite well and good and gearing up for yet another winter in a place that actually knows winter. It’s horrible and strange and wonderful.

    And in regards to Synecdoche, NY. I did plan on catching a viewing of it this past weekend, but pending snow and a surprise visit from Iain postponed these festivities until this coming weekend. I shall report in full on my blog, not yours.

    Are you venturing back to the States for Christmas? Or perhaps the crowning of our new king in January?

    Ciao, Bello.

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