Three-Layered Honeydrip

Hi folks and freends,

I’m in Ayutthaya.  I just arrived yesterday, I’ve settled into my apartment, and I’m moving forward from here.  Last week was spent swatting mosquitoes.  This morning was my first warm shower in around a week and a half, first shower in three days, and spent that one crushing spiders and hoping against black mold.  Geckos watch me crap.  No one here speaks English and that can be tough at times.  Everyone stares.  Friday I go to school in an even smaller town, called Sena, to meet the faculty and be paraded off.  We’re the only foreigners at a school of 1,800 students.  Last week I went rock climbing and kayaking in the forest (it was high tide, which is a weird concept), hiking and otherwise, and I had a hamburger!  Internet and phonedom is scarce, so it will be difficult to stay in contact with you guys, but for your information, my phone number is 0835514946.  I will give you my address once I am able to figure out the signs surrounding.  It’s a confusing place, but I am full of anticipation, always on my toes.  It’s better than dull repetition, I suspect, but I’ll let you know once I begin teaching: my stomach just may drop out.  Anyway, I must be off, but I hope you are all very well, and look forward to hearing from you in any form.  I will try to check out the internet cafe every few days.

Please, please, don’t let McCain win. 

Goodbye for cow,



~ by nearhelsinki on October 22, 2008.

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